Whether you want a well behaved pet or wish to compete in official trials - WE CAN HELP!


Each week you have a choice of classes to attend an Induction class is held on the first Sunday of the month for new members to the club. Basic Manners and Basic Obedience are the only compulsory classes.

Rally - O

Rally Obedience is an exciting new way to train and trial your pet.

Agility and Jumping

Agility is taught at all three levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


Tracking is taught by a attending basic and intermediate training days.  We have 3 Tracking trials and 1 Track and Search trial each year.

Recent Posts

Tracking Workshop Flyer

Hi Everyone, I just added the new tracking workshops flyers to the event pages. David

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Christmas Party Photos

Some Christmas party photos are now in the picture galeray

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Xmas Party

Details about the Xmas party. Xmas Party, Dress UP Competition, Games & Presentation and Annual Awards

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New Web Page Goes Live

Hi Everyone, Finally I have found enough time to complete the web page and publish it.  Check things out and let me know what you find that needs fixing or just changing. Thanks David

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